Home Inspection Scheduling Page

Online Scheduling is for Home Inspections of Single Family Homes, Condos or Townhomes up to 5,000 sqft Only

Earn a $20 Discount When You Schedule Your Home Inspection Online Now!

To schedule an inspection for a luxury home over 5,000 sqft, multifamily home such as a duplex, triplex or an apartment building or to schedule a commercial property inspection please call Roger Williamson at 423-301-1000 

HomePro Inspection Scheduling Page

Earn a $20 Discount When You Schedule Your Home Inspection Online by Completing the Form Below!

When scheduling using a smart phone, be sure to scroll up and down to see all fields that require information input.

HomePro Inspection Scheduling Page Extra Information

Schedule your Home Inspection online now above and Save $20 on an average size single family home inspection. The information needed to schedule the Home Inspection is routine. You will need the inspection address, the approximate square footage and the age of the home. It is useful if you know whether the home is vacant or occupied and if you plan on attending the Home Inspection but that information is not absolutely necessary.

If you plan to attend the Home Inspection, the scheduler will ask if you are coming at the beginning or end of the inspection. This information is useful for the inspector to know when to expect you. For example, if you are coming at the beginning of the inspection and there is an accident on the interstate that may delay the inspector more than a few minutes you will get a courtesy call from the inspector. Similarly, if you are coming at the end of the inspection but do not show up then the inspector will give you a courtesy call as well to find out if you still plan to attend the Home Inspection.

Once you schedule your appointment online you will receive a confirmation email giving you important information about about your inspection appointment time and the Home Inspection process. There is a link in the confirmation email that allows you to read and sign the inspection agreement online. You simply use your mouse to sign your name on the contract. Don't worry if your signature is not perfect, it just needs to be close. Additionally, there is a link in the confirmation email that allows you to pay by credit card if that is how you wish to pay for your Home Inspection. You may use this link to pay up to the day that the Home Inspection is performed. If you are paying by check, simple bring a check with you on the day the inspection is performed.