Why Do Exterminators Perform Free Termite Inspections?

Savvy exterminators understand that home buyers have many more issues than simply termites. Performing a free termite inspection allows the exterminator to start a relationship with a home buyer and introduce other valuable services in hopes that the buyer will hire them to perform those services. Additionally, during the termite inspection, there is a chance that termite activity is present and a treatment will be necessary, for a fee. After you schedule your home inspection, call your favorite exterminator to see if your free termite inspection can be performed during your home inspection appointment time. Doing this helps the seller by reducing the number of appointments needed to allow entry into the home.

In addition to termites, exterminators offer many other services. 

Ants, roaches, spiders and mosquitos are no match for a well trained exterminator.

Many exterminators now offer wild life removal and crawl space encapsulation, too.

Termite Shelter Tubes
Unusually long termite shelter tubes

Home inspections do not include termite inspections as that work is performed by an exterminator. Home inspectors do look for wood damage that termites are known to cause. The termite shelter tubes shown in this photo are longer than most found in the crawl space indicating that the termites were there for some time.

When do Exterminators Charge for a Termite Inspection?
Exterminators charge for a termite inspection if your mortgage company requires a Wood Destroying Insect letter to be submitted on a special form. Don't worry, that fee is still small, typically between $35 and $85.

When do I Need a Follow-up Termite Inspection?
If you own a home with a crawl space, then someone should enter and look around your crawl space annually. If you are unwilling or unable to enter your crawl space, or if you wouldn't know what you are looking at once you got into your crawl space, then an exterminator is a great choice to assist you in performing this task. Ignoring your crawl space can have many undesirable consequences.

Termites at work