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Chattanooga Area Home Inspector 
Home Inspection by Roger Williamson Serving greater Chattanooga, Cleveland TN and North Georgia areas for over 20 years, Mold and Radon Testing Available

Chattanooga, TN Home Inspector

Welcome from HomePro Inspection

Welcome, HomePro Inspection Inc is a professional home inspection service company by ASHI certified home inspector Roger Williamson. We serve the greater Chattanooga metropolitan, Cleveland TN, North Georgia and surrounding areas. At this website you can verify my credentials as a Chattanooga home inspector, view my availability, check out my pricing and schedule your next appointment online here, right now.  While on my website feel free to look at my sample reports, read my testimonials and review my qualifications. Information is also available here regarding other home inspection services in Chattanooga, such as radon testing, mold inspection and infrared thermography. Remember, don't chance it, have your future home properly inspected before you buy. 

Get a Proper Home Inspection to Protect Your Investment

For most people, buying a home is the single largest purchase made in their lifetime. Choosing the right Chattanooga home inspector is a crucial step in the protection of your investment. The role of the home inspector is to present a thorough, unbiased written snapshot in time of the condition of the home at the time of the inspection. Having performed home inspection services in thousands and thousands of times since my first home inspection completed in 1994 allows me to better understand how the home you are purchasing is performing as compared against the many thousands of homes that I have already inspected. Experience matters to me, and I hope that my experience as a home inspector in Chattanooga, TN, matters to you.  

Home Inspection

Thanks again for taking the time to look at this HomePro Inspection website. I look forward to working with you on the purchase of your home and performing a thorough home inspection for you. Because each home I inspect is like a member of my extended family, I hope you will properly maintain your new home so that it will last a lifetime or longer. Learning about your intended purchase in advance is a crucial first step.

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Radon Testing

HomePro Inspection Inc offers Continuous Radon Monitoring Testing and additional home inspection services in Chattanooga, TN, for an additional fee. Radon testing is done to advise you if excess Radon Gas is present in your home. The results of this test will let you know if your home should be fixed. Fixing your home is done to reduce the Radon concentration levels. All homes should be tested for elevated Radon levels to determine if correction is needed for the home. 

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Mold Inspection

Do you have a moisture problem and need mold testing or a mold inspection? For most homes mold inspection may not be necessary. If the home is dry, then normal mold growth should be well controlled already. For homes that are damp, wet or have had recent moisture issues such as any type of flooding either from heavy rains or broken plumbing pipes then mold inspection or mold testing should be considered. 

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Each year Roger Williamson, a professional home inspector in Chattanooga, TN, earns approximately double the required continuing education hours needed to maintain a home inspection license. Additionally, Roger Williamson holds a BS degree in Business Administration, an AAS degree in Hazardous Materials Management and has completed a two-year Maintenance Management Program. 


Roger Williamson has been a professional home inspector in the Chattanooga area since 1994.  Although no longer performing electrical work, Roger Williamson maintains his Electrical Contractors License as well as his Home Inspection License.  Roger was also the Facilities Superintendent of Maintenance for the City of Chattanooga for more than half a decade.


Thousands of clients needing home inspection services in Chattanooga, TN, have chosen Roger Williamson of HomePro Inspection to perform their home inspection knowing that the home inspection report will accurately reflect the observed conditions of the home for the areas covered by the home inspection standards. HomePro Inspection, Inc is proud to display the complaint free A+ BBB rating shield on this website.  

Client Testimonials Showing Appreciation

Client Testimonials Showing Appreciation

Thanks again for your skill, integrity and your help. We will recommend you whenever we have the opportunity. 
Noland M
Hampton Cove Dr, Ooltewah TN, 2017

We are doing great and the house is awesome. We appreciate the great inspection you provided at both properties. You saved us a lot of time, hassle and money with the reports you provided. We have already passed your name on to several people and will definitely use you again if anything comes up. Thanks again Roger.
Dennis A
Crestview Dr, Hixson TN, 2016

Thank you so much for the excellent and thorough report.
Ann B
Little Sorrel Rd, Hixson TN, 2016

Thank you very much for providing an exceptional home inspection. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness when evaluating the property.
Sam S
E Main St, Chattanooga TN, 2016

That was an amazingly fast turn around. You rock!
Amel H
Montview Dr, Chattanooga TN, 2016

We recommend you highly! Also, we have seen you recently when you did a radon inspection in our home to verify the mitigation system we had installed in our home was doing a proper job. 
Irina K
Lake Haven Dr, Chattanooga TN, 2016

Thanks again for your wonderful and thorough work on my home inspection last winter. The friends I referred your way were equally impressed with your work.  
Lauren R
Englewood Ave, Chattanooga TN, 2016

Thanks again for your wonderful and thorough work on my home inspection last winter. The friends I referred your way were equally impressed with your work.  
Lauren R
Englewood Ave, Chattanooga TN, 2016

Thank you for your prompt report.  We will definitely recommend you.
Judy A
Olin Ln, Ooltewah TN, 2016

Absolutely love our home and we are still working on corrections from the list you gave us.
Thank you so much, we are really enjoying everything at HOME!
Lisa C
​Ashlin Meadow LN, Cleveland TN, 2016

Roger, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for doing such a good job for my buyers. The high standard that you represent mirrors the high standard that I want to always provide to my clients. Thank you.
Jon D
Realtor, Chattanooga TN, 2015

The inspection was very helpful.  
Thank you for your service.   
Steve G
Guild Trail, Chattanooga TN, 2015

Thank you so very much for the job you did inspecting my home. I was able to get them to take care of everything.
Taylor S
S Quail Ln., Chattanooga TN, 2015

Roger, Thank you. You did a great job.
Irina K
Lake Haven Dr, Chatttanooga TN, 2015

Thank you Mr Williamson for everything. I am really enjoying my home and I am also learning a lot.
Doris S
Innwood Ln, Chattanooga TN, 2015

Roger  We are very happy with our new home.  Thank you for the professional service you provided.  If the occasion arises we will certainly recommend you.  
Shirley M
Mandarin Cir, Hixson TN, 2015

Easy to schedule, very thorough inspection report and it was sent quickly. We were put at ease knowing so much about the house prior to purchase. Excellent business and we will be recommending to others!
Phillip R
Bennie Ln, Ooltewah TN 2015

I was very pleased with the inspection. I haven’t had any issues outside of what you found. I will pass your name on to anyone I know who will be buying or selling a home.
Bret A
Wilkins Rd, Jasper TN, 2015

Thank you for being so very accommodating today. All of your help and knowledge is greatly appreciated. I have been telling my husband how awesome you were. I'm super appreciative for your expertise. You were awesome and the report was very thorough. I will always recommend you if anyone ever asks.
Kristen D 
Holly Oak Ln, Chattanooga TN, 2015

Thank you so much.  I have had a great experience working with you.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone planning on buying a house.
Joseph M
Phlox Ln, Collegedale TN, 2015

Your inspection was very helpful and was used for me to request some improvements from the sellers.  They complied and the house deal went through. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone in the future and have shared positive comments with the BBB.Thank you again for your assistance.  
Sherrie W
Circle R Dr, Benton TN, 2015

I'm very appreciative of the thorough inspection you performed and the thorough inspection report.
Stephen H
Parkway Dr, Cleveland TN, 2014

Thank you, Roger, you did an excellent job, Best regards,
Mike C
Rose Terrace, Chattanooga TN, 2014

Although I don't plan on moving again, ha! ha!... I will be recommending you to others who need a good home inspection person.  I also did a good write up A+ on Angie's list.  Thank you for all your recommendations, I felt comfortable knowing what your inspection revealed before I bought the house!
Rebecca M
Water Acres Rd, Harrison TN, 2014

Thank you for your thoroughness, Roger.
Andrew H
Olivia Lane, Soddy Daisy TN, 2014

Thanks Roger!  We are very satisfied.  I think you already are our Home Inspector for life.  You've served us well at least 3 times already.  We will gladly pass your name along.
Michelle B
Gibbons Rd, Chattanooga TN, 2014

We would definitely refer others to you. 
Stan J
Southwood Cir, Ringgold GA, 2014

Hi Roger we are very pleased with your service. Thank you for helping us. We will recommend you with our friends.
Felipe G
Sunup Cir, Ooltewah TN, 2014

Thank you very much!! The seller did fix most of the things you brought to our attention. In turn it saved us over $2500. It was well worth the  cost of the inspection!!!!  
Richard R
Hannah Lane, Hixson TN, 2014

I purchased the house and I wanted to thank you for doing a very thorough inspection.
I will gladly refer you to anyone I know who needs an inspection. Thank you
Tonya S
Wood Meadow Trail, Ringgold GA, 2014

Thank you, Roger, for your thoughts and insight.  
Joseph G
David Ave, Chattanooga TN, 2014

Thanks, Roger. It was good working with you again. I've asked the sellers to fix the roof and the stuff you found in the crawl space; thanks for the info on preventing it from coming back. Hopefully we can come to agreement. Let me know if or when I can leave you another good review on Angie's List.
Adam C
Crown Point Rd W, Signal Mtn TN, 2014

Yes, you are our inspection for life. I just schedule another house.
Su R
Barons Point Dr, Ooltewah TN, 2014

Many thanks!  Your report has been most helpful and I have been using it as a 'work' list for my new house.  I think I have gotten about half of the items needing attention fixed.    I will be most glad to share you name with others needing this service.
Diana K
Spring Lake Rd, Chattanooga TN, 2014

Thank you, Roger. We did purchase the house and felt much better about the decision based on your thorough inspection. We will, of course, recommend you to anyone needing an inspection. 
Dorathy V
E 18th St, Chattanooga TN, 2014

2nd Home Inspection from Roger!  Because he had found so many problems with the first house he inspected for us, we were able to terminate our offer.  Because he had done such a great job, we wanted him to inspect another house we had agreed on.
Roger is punctual.  He might be called a nitpicker - which is what you want in a home inspector.  He spent over 4 hours in the house a lot of things both large and small.  When he found a gas furnace in a bedroom (not allowed) he called my attention to it and notified the current owner by phone to what was a life threatening situation.  The only reason someone hadn't died in the house from Carbon Dioxide poisoning is that the closet where the furnace was kept had holes to the attic thus making it extremely drafty and causing most of the CO2 to get mixed and dissipated to the attic.  Roger protected us from a potentially fatal situation.  THANK YOU ROGER!
We terminated the offer immediately.  You can bet we'll see the next house we make an offer on.  He's great.
Jim W, Angie's List Client
Tennga Ln, Chattanooga TN, 2013

I have an untrained-eye and in no way consider myself an expert or even capable inspector of housing and its sub-systems.  I thought the house might need a couple of thousand dollars worth of repairs and upgrades before moving in.
Roger was on-time, professional and extremely thorough.  I was allowed to ask questions at any time and he explained how many things worked.  He allows 4 hours for each inspection and makes only 2 appointments per day.  Because of his thoroughness, expertise, and concern for doing a great job, I left after 4 hours while he continued to upload photos and write his report when I left!
The bottom line is that the estimated repair/replacement costs were about $40,000 and an additional $20,000 necessary within two years.  Because of his report, I was able to exercise the termination clause, get out of the agreement, and get my earnest money back.  I strongly suggest you hire HomePro Inspection Inc and will do so again when I finally find a house. 
Jim W, Angie's List Client
Julian Rd, Chattanooga TN, 2013

I would like to express my sincere thanks for a 'job well done' 
– In short, 5 stars!
Obviously, this property had many issues to evaluate, and getting them into a coherent and usable form in a timely manner required someone of your expertise. Your service was well above what I have come to expect in these trying times. 
Keep up the good work.
Jerry H
Hwy 136, Trenton GA, 2013

Roger Williamson did our home, he was very profesional and willing to answer all our questions. Mr. Williamson explained things as he went along. When the inspection was over he took the time to explain all his findings to us as well emailing us a complete report with pictures for our records.  If we are in the market for another house he would be our choice and we would recommend him to any of our friends.
Gerri R, Angie's List Client
Sweet Birch Dr, Rossville GA, 2013

Your report was really good and thorough. I like the fact that the wording is such that it should not alarm a purchaser or offend a seller.
Lynn I
Hollyhedge, Chattanooga TN, 2013

Thank you for the quick report. I appreciate this very much. The report is laid out very well. It looks very professional. 
Sam A
Sunshine Ln, Ringgold Ga, 2013

Wonderful experience with HomePro Inspections! Highly recommend!!
Roger Williamson is the Best inspector I have had the opportunity to work with in my 15 years as a Realtor. Roger addressed my concerns with the home and brought to my attention some other items that needed my attention. He took his tim to inspect my home and then explain his report and answer any questions I had on the inspection.  I highly recommend Roger Williamson to anyone looking for a home inspector. As a Realtor I use Roger Williamson for my personal purchases and recommend Roger to my clients with confidence.
Wendie M, Angie's List Client
Lee Ave, Lookout Mtn, TN, 2012

It appears you were very thorough.
Joe M
Bland Dr, Cleveland TN, 2012

Mr. Roger Williamson provided a very comprehensive inspection of the house we had made an offer to buy. He found and documented issues, expected for a new construction home.  He actually spent a little over 4 hours on the inspection and preparing the report. The link to the report was emailed to me and our realtor prior to his leaving the property. His attention to detail was something I greatly appreciated.
Ronald C, Angie's List Client
Nestledown Ct, Chattanooga TN 2012

He checked everything out from roof to crawl space - found a few problem areas which we were able to have the seller's fix.  Good report with pictures.  Likable guy.
Miracle W, Angie's List Client
Cordell Dr, Rossville GA, 2012

Again you have demonstrated your high class expertise and professionalism in the job you have done for me..
I thank you for the inspection, the report, and for answering my numerous questions.
Ahmad I
Kayla Cir, Chattanooga TN, 2012

I thank you for a first-class professional job.
Ahmad I
Lake Vista Dr, Chattanooga TN, 2012

Thank you so much for your thorough inspection Roger. I have the utmost trust and respect for you and the job you do. I will recommend you to anyone who is in the market to buy a home.
Brooke M
S St Marks Ave, Chattanooga TN, 2012

Thank you, Roger, for the report. We appreciated your thoroughness, and the pictures were a big help. It was a pleasure working with you.
Cindy B
Red Tail Ln, Chattanooga TN, 2012

Thank you for completing our inspection on Friday and sending this report so promptly.
Caleb D
Vista Dr, Chattanooga TN, 2012

It went really well. He was a great inspector. He was really knowledgeable. We would use him again.
Brandi E, Angie's List Client
Lake Resort Dr, Chattanooga TN, 2012

Thanks, Roger. You did a very thorough and comprehensive job and I appreciate it! I will definitely recommend you to others!
Courtney A
Hixson Pike, Chattanooga TN, 2012

I just wanted to say Thank you. You helped me so much today in the buying process. You made me feel like I knew what I was getting into. Thanks again.
Laura P
Berkley Dr, Red Bank TN, 2011

Roger Williamson, the inspector showed up on time and spent about several hours going over every inch of the house. He went from the top of the roof to crawling under the house. He was very professional and explained in detail the problems with the house and what was needed to correct them. He took pictures of everything(problems) and before he left, he handed me the complete inspection in a binder. I was very please with the cost. He did charge about $50.00 more but he traveled about 80 miles(160 miles round trip) further than the area he normally worked. All in all, a wonderful experience.
David M, Angie's List Client
Wildcat Rd, Tellico Plains TN, 2011

Thank you very much for a job well done.
Lynn T
James Blvd, Signal Mtn TN, 2010

Thanks again for inspecting our home. I'm glad to have the opinion of an independent inspector, so that I can know what really needs attention. I'll be glad to be contacted as a reference for you.
Harmon Jolley
Crabtree Rd, Hixson TN, 2010

Roger, thanks again, you were great about answering our questions and providing additional information on the inspection items. The end result was not simply a laundry list of items to address, but a realistic "plan" for moving into the residence.
Jeff B
N Concord Rd, Chattanooga TN, 2010

Thank you for taking your valuable time to speak with me! You were so helpful! We have already contacted a local contractor. I am in great hopes we will have everything accomplished upon your return. Blessings and many thanks to you, again!
Angela M
Peghorn Trail, Ooltewah TN, 2010

Many thanks for your knowledge, expertise, and suggestions!!!! I’ll take the ball and run with it from here. I very much appreciate your assistance.
Angela M
Peghorn Trail, Ooltewah TN, 2010

All makes sense. Thanks again and we've already referred you to another Realtor and as well as friend that is getting ready to buy.
Tom E
East Brow Rd, Lookout Mtn TN, 2010

There’s only one word in the English language that truly expresses my gratitude…THANKSAWHOLELOT! (Snoopy Card) Once again I appreciate your help.
Barbara L
Battery Place, Chattanooga TN, 2008

Dear Roger, Just a quick note of thanks again for your timely and thorough job on Courtney Lane!
Noma G
Courtney Ln, Chattanooga TN, 2005

We appreciate so much your help with this. Not living close by, it eases our minds to have a competent person like you handling this for us. Hope you have a very happy and safe New Year.
Fairmount Ave
Chattanooga TN, 2005

You inspected my house. I just wanted to inform you that this same home had been inspected 10 months ago, just prior to my purchasing the property and everything was marked satisfactory in my report …(by another inspector, serious issues were discovered during her second inspection that were overlooked by her original inspector that is no longer in business). I was married to a real estate broker. I have seen many houses that have passed inspection that did not look half as good as mine. May God bless you and help you. Thanks again, Mr. Williamson, I am sure you will get a reward in heaven after this deal.
Rosetta Y
N Concord Rd, Chattanooga TN, 2004

Roger, Thanks for what you do so well
Steve G
Brookwood, Chattanooga TN, 2001

Roger, I really do appreciate your willingness to run over and inspect my house and write a letter at the very last minute before closing. That is exceptionally good service. Thank You!
June H
East Ridge TN, 2000

Dear Roger, I enjoyed meeting you and was pleased with the inspection process you provided on Amhurst Avenue. I do support professional inspections, especially on older homes that need some repairs! I’ll plan to give you a call in the future for more business. Best Wishes.
Sherry M
Amhurst Ave, Chattanooga TN, 1996