Lawn Sprinkler Control
Lawn Sprinkler Control

Residential Lawn Irrigation Sprinkler Visual Inspection Fee 

$135 if performed at the same time as home Inspection

$195 if performed separate from a home inspection

Lawn Sprinkler Inspection Available

Residential Irrigation Lawn Sprinkler Inspections

HomePro Inspection, Inc. offers residential irrigation sprinkler inspection service in the greater Chattanooga, TN area.

What does a residential lawn sprinkler inspection entail?

A residential irrigation lawn sprinkler inspection is an additional service performed during a routine home inspection. Typically this inspection is for individuals buying a property with an existing lawn sprinkler system already installed that is not winterized or otherwise shut down. This visual inspection is done at the time that the home inspection is performed.

The visual lawn sprinkler inspection describes the controls, backflow preventer and operates the control timer stations to observe the function of each zone that is programmed. The findings are recorded in the report all with digital photos.

Why would you want a lawn sprinkler inspection?

If you have never owned an automatic lawn sprinkler system, then such an inspection would be very helpful to you. If you are unaware that owning a lawn sprinkler system can have civil penalties and possible criminal penalties if the system is not properly maintained, then you definitely need a lawn sprinkler inspection.

If you’re unsure if you should add this inspection to your scheduled home inspection service, please reach out to me at (423)-301-1000. I am more than happy to discuss what services are necessary for your property. After 29 years in the business, I know that every home is different!

If you’re looking for an experienced, knowledgeable home inspection professional, schedule your appointment by calling (423)-301-1000, or book your lawn sprinkler inspection with your home inspection online and earn a $20 discount when doing so.